The Decision Sciences paper references contained herein refer to the paper published by Sumichrast, Oxenrider, and Clayton called "An Evolutionary Algorithm for Sequencing Production on a Paced Assembly Line" in the Winter 2000 edition. Specifically, volume 31, number 1, page 149.

Absent from the paper are several tables that were either included in earlier papers and are presented here for your convenience or were deemed to be unnecessary by the reviewers.

I have been working on a Java and a Microsoft Visual C++ version of the EPS program. Both would have the ability to multi-thread, hence will be able to run faster on multi-processor machines. The most significant difference is that they would have a user interface that would allow easy and safe manipulation of the various EA and production parameters. I am working on several different projects now, and these programs have dropped in priority. If you are interested in this research and would like to have an easy(er) to use copy of the EPS algorithm, please send an email to koxenrider[at]sol[dash]system[dot]com. If I get strong interest, I will move the project to a higher priority.