Things are still moving rapidly on our greenhouse/pool project as we decided to expand our budget a bit (well, double, actually) and continue paying Danny (and Danny and Wade) to do the work. It is so nice to see work done when we get out there, though it is really shredding our overall budget. We decided initially just to get Danny to do the walls for the building but later included the greenhouse roof as well. He and his son-in-law do such great work we would love to have them finish the whole thing, but we just can't afford it.

Here I am actually doing some work on the project. I wanted to put the soffit in the roof over the pool before they started to frame the grenhouse as it would be a huge pain in the ass once they had started and _very_ difficult once they had put the polycarbonate up.

You can see the finished soffit now and they had begun the work on the greenhouse roof now...

Now the polycarbonate roof is finished. I need to put in some sort of gutter system, but at least the rain is all directed away from the pool.

Here they are starting on the common wall between the pavilion and the greenhouse. To the right is where the bathrooms are going to go and a bit hard to see in the middle is the framing for the double french doors. We didn't really think this spot out as we did the design and when we decided to up the walls of the pavilion two feet (from 8 to 10 at the eves) it made the common wall a pain in the ass and likely a perenial leaking location. Hopefully I can come up with something that will keep leaks from happening.

As you can see, even without the white walls and ceiling the pool area is quite bright. The polycarbonate really diffuses the light (something that is supposed to be very beneficial to the plants) and once all the white surfaces are in place it should be quite bright.