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You always get help from others. Here are some of the folks who have helped us along the way with their encouragement, advice, Java applets and Web page stuff.

Dr. Robert T. Sumichrast, Virginia Tech, for his encouragement and advice as our "Beta Tester" and special thanks for technical input on the application of Evolutionary Algortihms to production scheduling.

John A. Pew for the unique "Coalesce" applet used on our Welcome Page!

Jay Boersma for the wonderful Webpaper used in our backgrounds!

Places on the internet and books to read about the Evolutionary Algorithm (or Genetic Algoritms).

This list is by no means comprehensive, but it should give you a good headstart.

Internet Sites:

GAlib: Evolutionary Algorithm Sites
U. S. Navy

News Groups:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ohio State FAQ

Some books:

"Genetic Algorithms in C++" by Scott Robert Ladd pub: M&T Books 1996

"Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and Machine Learning" by David Goldberg pub: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company 1989

"Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems" by John Holland pub: MIT Press 1992

Places on the internet and books to read about Java.

A Few Internet Sites To Get You Started:

Knee Deep In Java
Cup O' Joe Java Shop
Getting Started In Java

Some books:

"instant JAVA" by John A. Pew pub: The SunSoft Press 1996.
(A really great way to get up to speed in Java!)

"just JAVA" by Peter van der Linden pub: The SunSoft Press 1996.
(A gentle introduction to Java and Object Oriented Programming in general.)

"core JAVA" by Gary Cornell and Cay S. Horstmann pub: The SunSoft Press 1996.
(Another great book in the SunSoft Java series!)

"Using JAVA (Special Edition)" by Alexander Newman, et al. pub: Que Corporation 1996.
(The Sun User Group and their Java-SIG Reference Manual.)

"JAVA Programming EXPLORER" by Neil Bartlett, Alex Leslie and Steve Simkin. pub: Coriolis Group Books 1996.
(If you are on a limited budget, this is the book to get!)

Action Photos of Keith and Gene.

Keith at Work.

Gene at Work.