This series of pages describes some of the thoughts/events that surround the construction of our workshop/lab/house in Shenandoah, Virginia including a series of images that show (chronologically in most cases) the progress of various stages of the construction. I hope you all enjoy!

Last update April 20th, 2009 adding text and pictures to Part 3 and adding the conclusion.

Click on image to go to Google Maps. Below are directions from the Northern Virginia area.

The address is 463 Quicksburg Road, Quicksburg, VA 22847, otherwise known as lots 2 and 3 of Pinehills Subdivision.

Directions from DC area:

Directions from points South (Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, etc.): For other routes, give us a call.


Here is a link to the Shenandoah GIS web site:
MSN map link.