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The title was inspired by conversations decades ago with my good friend Carrington Thompson (not sure if I spelt it right; Carrington, if you ever read this, please let me know). I used to dragoon my friends to ride with me as I delivered newspapers and we often had interesting conversations as I weaved through the neighborhoods. One time I managed to get Carrington passionately worked up on the subject of religion and the Bible in particular. He was incensed by the idea that such books could be edited or altered in any way and since I was (and still am to a large degree) an asshole that is happy to needle even his friends, I crassly commented that if I were to write a book I wouldn't let any such matters keep me from making edits. Today I am not so sure I would make edits, not out of any desire to preserve the text, but because I have realized it is a huge pile of work to organize thoughts into written words and once I have decided it is good enough to expose to the world I don't care to second guess myself. I have more or less decided that I would just write another document if I felt a given subject needed additional treatment.
I will be using this as a place to stick things I have taken the time to write about that don't naturally fit in with some other aspect of my life (for instance my computer related stuff is here: sol-biotech.com/code). Generally a subject will get started with an email, often with my good friend Doug Cloud, and either I feel a need to elaborate on the subject (such as my essays on faith) or I want to capture my thoughts into a more coherent flow and make them available for others to view.

Table of Contents:

Toward the end of 2009 I took some of the material I posted on my Waxology Forum (as 'mitakeet'), cleaned it up somewhat and re-posted at the Rant-Your-Head-Off (also as 'mitakeet') political blog hoping to get more people interested and get their input, but little came of it. There are also a couple of pieces not on Waxology. I decided to copy them here just to have my writing collected in one spot...
If you have any comments please contact me at mitakeet[at]sol[dash]biotech[dot]com. I would love to hear from you!