Here are a couple of pictures from _way_ back...

Picture likely from the mid 1970's.
From left to right, front row: Steffan's mom Joyce, cousin Steffan, me (Keith) showing off the bite I got from the St. Benard, cousin Sterling, my sister Becky, our Keeshound.
Back row: my uncle Don, his wife Marlene, my uncle Kenny (Sterling's dad), his wife Margaret, Gramma Ox, my dad Gene, my mom Carol, my uncle Orvan (Steffan's dad).

Picture likely from the early 1980's.
From left to right, front row: Grampa Ox, Me, I guess, my uncle Don, my sister Becky, cousin Sterling, cousin Steffan.
Back row: my mom Carol, Don's wife Marlene, Kenny's wife Margaret, uncle Kenny, Steffan's mom Joyce.